Master Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (MCFLC)

The Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA) established the Master Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (MCFLC) credential in 2020 for qualified expert witnesses and forensic consultants who want to take their CFLC certification to the next level. An MCFLC certification requires a one-time application which, once approved, does not expire so long as the underlying CFLC certification remains in good standing (continues to be renewed every three years). Obtaining the MCFLC credential shows attorneys and other interested parties that you have received extensive education in the nine distinct areas of the FEWA Core Program, as well as gained additional experience and attributes above and beyond the CFLC program.

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The MCFLC is granted exclusively to FEWA members who have completed and currently meet all the following requirements:

  • Professional or Professional Consulting member of FEWA, with membership in good standing
  • Maintains professional licenses in good standing for those licensed services for which the member is currently performing and must be licensed to perform
  • Has held the CFLC certification for more than three calendar years and been approved for renewal of the certification at least once
  • Must have achieved a total of five verifiable testimony engagements (Professional Members) or seven verifiable engagement agreements (Professional Consulting Members)
  • Must have attended at least 70% of the classroom hours combined, of two full FEWA National Conference days (No more than 30% of conference time can be missed due to issues like late arrival or early departure) that occurred within the past five years

Attributes of the FEWA Certification Program:

  • The FEWA certification program offers a wide range of educational programs to advance the field of forensic litigation support consulting suitable for forensic consultants in virtually all fields of discipline.
  • The program offers CFLCs and MCFLCs an opportunity to earn enhanced industry recognition.
  • The program is based on a points system designed to reflect the accumulation of significant knowledge acquired and participation in a Core Program of study believed to enhance the practice of forensic consulting, litigation consulting and expert witnessing.
  • Affirmation and adherence to a strict FEWA Professional Code of Ethics, testimony experience, and related program of study are hallmark requirements of the certification
  • CFLCs and MCFLCs are participating in a unique industry program with the mission to advance the disciplines of forensic consulting, litigation support consulting and expert witnessing.

Interested? Here are your next steps:

  1. Complete and submit a signed MCFLC application to
  2. Pay the required fees:
  • Application Review Fee (non-refundable) - $50
  • Certification Fee (refundable if not approved) - $700

Current MCFLCs

John McReynolds 

FEWA Houston Chapter (2020)

Ankush Bansal 

FEWA Florida Chapter (2021)

Susan Maccoy 

FEWA Florida Chapter (2021)

Robert (Bob) Tucknott 

FEWA Northern California Chapter (2021)

Steven Murow 

FEWA Orange County Chapter (2020)

John Levitske 

FEWA Chicago Chapter (2020)