Dinner Meeting: DIY Digital Marketing on a Shoestring 

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Chapter Event: Arizona

DIY Digital Marketing on a Shoestring 

How to get 80% of the bang for only 20% of the bucks!

This presentation will be a step by step recipe for anyone to execute a digital marketing strategy. With just basic skills, you can execute a digital marketing program that will produce a more effective marketing campaign because only you truly know your clients’ needs. The critical fact to remember is that, while marketing vendors may know marketing (which is actually debatable, but that's another topic), only you know your customer; and truly knowing your client is the critical advantage of the Do It Yourself marketing practitioner. Larry Dunville will share insights he gained while transforming the marketing function of his company into a digital marketing powerhouse and then applying his marketing skills and knowledge to support his expert witness practice.


5:30PM: Networking & No-Host Bar

6:00PM: Announcements, Self-Introductions, Dinner is served

6:30PM: Presentation

7:45PM: Adjournment 


D. Larry Dunville, Overhead Crane Consulting

For over thirty years Larry Dunville was the owner of Dearborn Crane and Engineering Co., a builder of custom engineered, electric overhead cranes. Customers included NASA, the auto companies, Nucor Steel, Caterpillar Tractor and the US Army Corp of Engineers, to name a few. He now runs a successful expert witness practice. Larry  is a graduate of Notre Dame and Harvard Business School (both a long, long time ago.)

During the first decade of the 21st Century, the business world experienced the convergence of three world changing technologies. By this time, the business world had adopted a computer for every office worker and second, near universal high-speed internet connections. Connect these technologies with the advent of the Google search engine, and marketing then experienced not an evolution but rather a revolution. Sellers no long chased buyers. Now buyers found sellers!

This convergence produced Digital Marketing and a world in which you can sell a hundred-thousand-dollar crane online with no field sales force. In three years Larry went from spending a million dollars annually on a field sales force to spending about one hundred grand a year on Digital Marketing with no salesmen. All this while increasing the number of projects bid by 400% during the depths of the 2008 recession.




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