Inside the Spreckels Mansion Murder Case

Chapter Event: San Diego

Learn how attorney Keith Greer used a variety of experts to win the Sprecklels Mansion case.

In 2011, Rebecca Zahau died at the Spreckels Mansion in Coronado California. The San Diego County medical examiner ruled her death by hanging as a suicide. The Zahau family did not accept this explanation of Rebecca’s death.

In March, 2018 attorney Keith Greer tried the civil wrongful death case for the plaintiff. Adam Shacknai, brother of Rebecca’s boyfriend Jonah, was found guilty of murdering Rebecca. This case made national attention and was profiled on Marcia Clark’s program, The First 48, 20/20 and Dateline.

Greer used several experts in this case to determine whether his client’s suspicions about Rebecca’s death were correct. In this presentation, attorney Keith Greer, with forensic document examiner Mike Wakshull who testified for two days about the handwriting found on a door in the Spreckels mansion, and forensic psychologist Lisa Boesky who specializes in suicide, will share their knowledge about the case.

Greer will describe how he selected the experts for the case. Experts included a knot expert, forensic pathologist, handwriting examiner, and others. He will share with you how he worked with the experts and his approach to direct examination and preparation for cross examination.

The defense in this case hired high-profile attorneys from New York and Chicago. They were unable to successfully defend the case.

More details will be available soon!

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