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Chapter Event: Orange County

Hear and learn how to prepare for a depo, how to break annoying speech patterns of the attorney, how to assist the court reporter, and the art of interrupting...

Is your complete testimony getting into the record: How working with the Certified Shorthand Reporter [court reporter] can ensure your expert opinions are accurately documented.


*How is a written record made by a CSR?  A quick look into the CSR role and how spoken testimony is transcribed into words on the page.

*What can be provided beforehand to assist the CSR in reporting your testimony?  A few tips on what helps a CSR at the deposition.

*Are you being understood when testifying?  Speech patterns are critical at a deposition.  Speaking too quickly, lack of enunciation, and interrupted speech are some key pitfalls when testifying.

*The Art of Interrupting:  What best practices can a CSR implement to clarify the record?  Let's brainstorm together and talk about the possible dos and dont's.  


Jamie L. Asbury is current District 5 Director of Deposition Reporters Association of California [CalDRA], the Nation's largest trade association dedicated to the freelance deposition reporter.  Jamie has been a freelance CSR for the last 12 years.  She grew up and resides in Chino, CA.  One of her main passions is to help promote the profession of stenography and advocate for CSRs nationwide.


Ayres Hotel & Suites Costa Mesa/Newport Beach
325 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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