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The Forensic Expert Witness Association offers quarterly webinars specifically tailored to the continuing education of expert witnesses. The FEWA Webinar series are free for all FEWA members, and offered at the low price of $30 for non members. The webinars are created to fit within the CFLC Core Program

All webinars are eligible for 1 CFLC credit. If you missed the webinar go to Past Webinars page to watch the presentation or go through the slides and fill out the appropriate survey to confirm participation. Please note that you will have to sign in to your FEWA account to access the Past Webinars page. Previous recordings are available for FEWA members only. 


Upcoming Webinars

Introduction to Ethical Presence Awareness for Expert Witnesses

Ethical Presence TM is a method that Richard Thomas has developed that merges the ethical consciousnesscritical thinking and organization, and communication and personal presence skills that every professional needs to be effective, a positive influence, and personally successful. Richard's life and career has been lived and worked at the intersection of reason, ethics, improvisation and creativity. Ethical Presence must be learned experientially --- everyone creates their own way of doing it. Richard Thomas facilitates a process. Ethical Presence can't be learned in an hour lecture, but we can delve more deeply today into what it is, specifically for expert witnesses who have to be aware of ethical requirements, substantive knowledge rationally presented, and communication skills in their role.


Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas is a licensed Illinois attorney with a background in trial law and ethics and professional responsibility, a former college professor, and an alumnus of the main stage resident company of Chicago's Second City Theater. See his background in more detail at https://www.richardthomasjd.com/about. His company is Richard Thomas JD, LLC Ethical Presence TM Consulting. www.richardthomasjd.com

Richard teachescoachesspeaks about, writes about, developsstrengthensenhances and promotes: humanity, empathy, professionalism, creativity, communication, public speaking, critical thinking, inter-personal connecting, case-making and storytelling, career and personal discovery and advocacy, applied ethics, leadership, and other human and professional concerns and skills. These skills are basic and fundamental skills that every professional needs


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