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Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (CFLC) Professional

E.J. Janik, CPA, CFF, CFE

Location: Dallas, TX

Expert testimony over 74 matters, with over 46 trials & hearings in 8 states 150 financial audits, over 615 business dispute & consulting matters...

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Danny Dukes, CPA, CFE

Location: Canton, GA

"Forensic accountants find the meaning behind the numbers. When your numbers just don't add up, call us. We can help!" -Danny F. Dukes ​All companies should be concerned about internal theft. ...

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Professional Consulting

Robert Trout

Location: Cardiff, CA

Acted as an expert in antitrust economics 20 times Business valuations in over 100 industries...

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Jesse Russo, CPA (ret)

Location: Sherman Oaks, CA

30+ years consulting w CFO’s, CAO’s, Controllers & Directors 30+ yrs Repairing/Implementing Financial/Operational Systems...

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Robert Bates, CFO, CPA, CVA, CFE

Location: San Francisco, CA

Bob Bates is a CPA, CFE, CVA and CFO and has worked with dozens of lawyers on over 50 cases in various states. Sometimes he provides financial support for a client in litigation, or pre-litigation, ...

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Michael C. Fagan, CFLC, QEC

Location: San Jose, CA

50 + years in the Elevator Industry Apprentice, Mechanic, Foreman, Adjuster, Owner, Consultant...

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Mark C. Higgins, ASA

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Business appraiser with over 20 years of experience. Accredited Senior Appraiser; American Society of Appraisers...

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