Forensic Expert Witness Profile


Scott Greene, STFE

Digital Forensics Expert with 35 Years Experience!

Evidence Solutions, Inc.
Digital, Computer & Cell Phone Forensics Division
P.O. Box 42047
Tucson, AZ 85733-2047

Phone: 866-795-7166
Fax: 520-722-6796


  • 35+ years' national & international experience
  • Computer, technology & digital forensics and e-discovery
  • IP, source code, Electronic Medical Records, Black Boxes
  • Acquisition of hard drives, cell phones, cameras, memory
  • E-mail, deleted data, Internet history, cell phones, EMR
  • Expert witness for plaintiffs, defendants & special master
  • Experienced in patent, copyright, IP, contracts
  • Internet hacking, defamation, databases & accounting systems
  • Able to communicate in PLAIN English
  • Nationally sought after speaker (CLE programs available)



Computer Foreniscs, Cell Phone Forensics, Email Forensics, Hard Disk Drive Forensics, Storage Media Forensics, Mobile Device Forensics, iPad Forensics, Electronic Medical Record Forensics, Electronic Health Record Forensics, Cell Phone Carrier Record Forensics, Car Black Box Forensics, Truck Black Box Forensics, Event Data Recorder Forensics, EDR Forensics, EMR Forensics, EHR Forensics, Google Forensics, Facebook Forensics, Social Media Expert Witness, Social Media Forensics, Digital Evidence Forensics, Electronic Data Forensics, Data Breach Expert Witness, Data Breach Investigation, Data Security Expert Witness, Computer Security Expert Witness, iPhone Forensics, Android Forensics, Trucking Data Forensics, Truck Maintenance System Forensics, Electronic Logging Device Forensics, ELD Forensics, Cyber Forensics, Source Code Forensics, Source Code Analysis, Source Code Expert Witness, Intellectual Property Expert, IP Employee Theft Expert Witness, Database Forensics, Document Forensics, Electronically Stored Information Forensics, Fax Machine Forensics, Global Positioning System Forensics, Text Message Forensics, Spreadsheet Forensics, Word Document Forensics, Point of Sale Forensics, Messaging System Forensics, Medical Billing System Forensics, Digital Copier Forensics, Cellular Telephone Forensics, Website Forensics, Data Fabrication, Data Spoliation, Data Falsification, Digital Photo Forensics, Digital Video Forensics, DVR Forensics, Electronic Logging Device Forensics, Omnitracs Forensics, Qualcomm Forensics, ELD Forensics, Cell Phone Carrier Records Expert, AT&T Cell Phone Records Expert, Sprint Cell Phone Records Expert, Verizon Cell Phone Records Expert, Arizona Private Investigator

Curriculum vitae

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