Forensic Expert Witness Profile


David Howell

510 Bering Dr., Ste. 300
Houston, TX 77057

Phone: 713-623-0690


  • 45 years' experience in petroleum industry as drilling contractor, oil operator, and lease trader.
  • CEO of 9 store oil and gas supply store chain, bought and sold secondary production and drilling equipment throughout Middle East, South America, Europe & North Africa.
  • CEO of offshore chemical supplier to drilling industry with oil spill dispersants and environmental clean up materials.
  • CEO of pipeline recovery and appraisal company dealing with abandoned pipelines appraisal.
  • 10 years' litigation consulting regarding pipeline environmental issues (asbestos & ACM or asbestos containing materials), easements, right of way contracts, abandoned pipelines, lead, communications cables, pipeline values & pipeline appraisals.
  • Repurpose of pipeline for water distribution, idled pipelines.