Forensic Expert Witness Profile


Lena F. Casper

Compass Forensic Interviewing, Testimony & Consulting, LLC

Phone: 386-843-2325


  • ~ Serving the Courts, Attorneys, Social Service & Law Enforcement Agencies ~
  • ~ Specializing in Complex & High Profile Cases ~
  • **20 Years Experience in: *Forensic Interviewing of victims & witnesses: children, teens & adults of abuse, assault, crime & other significant trauma events. ~Over 3,000+ forensic interviews provided~ *Qualified Expert Witness and Case Fact Co
  • *Background in criminal, child welfare, family law, dependency, civil & related judicial proceedings. *Training & Lecture to and in coordination with: legal, law enforcement, child protective/welfare, social services, medical, academic & commu
  • *Practice Areas: *Abduction (local, district, state, federal) *Alcohol Involved *Bizarre Punishment *Bullying *Child Abuse *Child on Child Sexual Abuse *Child/Teen Pornography and/or Prostitution *Cold Cases *Cyber Related Disaster Events *Domest
  • *Continued Practice Areas: *Runaways *Pornography (witness/involvement) *Sexual Assault: Acquaintance, Cyber, Date, Juvenile, Known Person, Stranger *Sexual Harassment *Substance Involved ***Cases May Involve Dynamics of: Coercion, Threats, Force,
  • *Assessment & Adherence to Best Practice Standards *Policy & Procedure *Risk Management *Peer Review *Victim Advocacy *Crisis Response
  • *Quality Assurance Issues specific to: Forensic Interviewing, Court Testimony, Crisis Response & Case Management
  • ~ Knowledge ~ Experience ~ Proficiency ~ Quality ~