Forensic Expert Witness Profile


Maureen Clark


Three Sixty HR, Inc.
356 Hedge Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Phone: 650-434-2001
Fax: 650-328-1166


  • CA PI Lic. #27972
  • 25+ years as a Human Resources consultant serving technology companies, manufacturing, services, nonprofit, education and public sectors
  • HR infrastructure, employee handbooks and policies, HR practices and administration
  • Internal HR investigations and fact-finding
  • HR expert witness and case consulter
  • 25+ years in leadership roles on nonprofit boards



I have been consulting with organizations of all sizes and types for more than three decades. My deep understanding of employment issues and track record of developing practical, workable HR solutions makes me invaluable to our clients and a rich resource for counsel.

Each aspect of my work informs and continually improves the others. As a consultant, I create HR infrastructure and provide day-to-day guidance to keep our clients running smoothly. When called to investigate a workplace dispute, I also assess what could have avoided the problem or resolved it at a much lower level. What I learn informs my consulting. Expert case consultation and testimony offer the most in-depth analysis of when and how a situation went wrong, as well as missed opportunities for setting it right.

Three Sixty HR, Inc. is a constant learning environment. I am informed by the breadth of my work and by my strong commitment to continuing professional education.

Curriculum vitae

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