Forensic Expert Witness Profile


Howard Cohen


Cohen Software Consulting, Inc.
3272 Cowper Street
Palo Alto, CA 94306-3004

Phone: 650-856-8123
Fax: 650-856-4273


  • Over 31 years experience: software applications in industry
  • A wide variety of applications areas, both business and
  • technology-oriented
  • Expert witness & consultant, 55 engagements since 1997
  • Patent, trade secret, copyright, DMCA, class action,
  • contractual, criminal and civil disputes
  • Expertise in source code analysis and reverse engineering
  • Clear and fluent communicator in writing and face-to-face
  • Ph.D. inTheoretical Physics; grad work in EE, CS, Statistics
  • Member FEWA, PATCA, AAAS, APS; Lifetime Sr member IEEE



Dr. Cohen has been working as an Expert Witness in Software Intellectual Property litigation since 1997. This has involved patents, trade secrets, copyright (literal and non-literal), DMCA, business practices, contracts, civil and criminal matters. He has over 30 years experience in the software industry as an architect and engineer as well as a small group leader, both as an employee and as a consultant.

He has worked in areas as diverse as chip design and verification tools, optimum ship routing, ocean wave modelling for offshore oil exploration, bioinformatics, digital cartography, banking systems, DARPA funded research projects, and many others. His strengths are in algorithms, database and graphical user interface.

Much of this work has involved source code analysis.

He is a clear and fluent communicator, able to explain technical concepts and opinions to his peers, to attorneys and judges, and to a lay audience. He has testified both in Federal Court and before retired federal judges in arbitration hearings.

Curriculum vitae

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