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David Neagley


David Neagley, AIA, Architect
P.O. Box 2265
La Jolla, CA 92038-2265

Phone: 858-354-8070
Fax: 858-456-4599
Website: http://www.ConstructionTech.US


David Neagley, AIA, Architect: Over thirty-three years of architectural design and construction administration experience with all building types, including educational, medical, R&D, corporate, commercial, custom residential, multi-family housing, military and industrial projects, totaling over 18 million square feet. Emphasizing use of durable, low maintenance materials including stainless, copper, bronze, zinc, cement-fiber, plastics, composites, specialty sealants & industrial paints. Recipient of the American Institute of Architects Foundation Award in 1983.

Building Reconstruction Specialist: Reconstruction design, details and specifications focused on solving complex construction problems and developing effective repairs for commercial and institutional buildings. Services include design for waterproofing, flashing, exterior finishes, roofs, decks, windows, and remediation of mold, wood rot, corrosion and structural damage.

Construction Industry Expert: Visual inspection, intrusive testing, defect analysis, repair recommendations and forensic expert services for both plaintiff and defense parties. Specialized knowledge of construction materials, industry standards, code compliance, waterproofing, vapor transmission, exterior finishes, corrosion, condensation, ventilation, mold, wood rot, suspended ceilings, interior partitions, and structural issues. Experience includes thousands of visual inspections and intrusive tests for construction defect cases, including institutional, commercial and retail structures, housing developments and private homes.

Arbitrator, Mediator, Neutral Forensic Investigator, Third Party Expert: Third-party neutral construction expert serving mediators, arbitrators and courts, and retained jointly by both plaintiff and defense parties. Specializing in complex construction disputes where resolution can be facilitated through clarification of technical issues and extensive case documents. Experience includes complex, multi-party commercial and institutional cases with claims ranging from $20M-$150M.

Materials Testing: Practical testing of construction materials and products to replicate specific project conditions and defect issues that cannot be addressed by typical physical and chemical laboratory testing services. Services include digital microscopy, sample weight and dimensional changes, infrared thermal documentation, water exposure testing, corrosion testing and material compatibility testing. Testing experience includes LSL & LVL laminated beams, PSL parallel strand lumber, plywood shear panels, stainless steel alloys, copper, bronze alloys, brass, zinc, windows and glazing systems, polyurethane gels, waterproofing sealants and coatings, and paints.

Curriculum vitae

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  • Construction Industry Expert
  • Architect (CA, WA, AZ, OR, NV, HI, NCARB)
  • General Contractor (CA)
  • 33 years architectural design & construction experience
  • Multi-party cases, complex technical construction issues
  • CSLB Arbitrator, Superior Court Mediator, DRB Panelist
  • Masters Degree in Architecture, B.A. in Literature
  • Forensic investigation, intrusive testing, water testing
  • Technical analysis of buildings, documents & issues
  • Repair recommendations, plans, details, specifications