Forensic Expert Witness Profile


Dale Paegelow

AIA, Architect (NY) License #018364 and Architect (CT) License #6962

Cromlech Architect PC
12 Interlaken Road
Patterson, NY 12563

Phone: 845-279-9033


  • Experienced in the technical, hands-on details of the Design and Construction Industries.
  • Created & implemented Expert Witness reports for both the Defendant and the Plaintiff on all matters dealing with Architectural Services
  • 50 plus years of Education, Training, Testing and Experience
  • Extensive training in Fine Art, Interior Design, Architecture, Master Planning
  • Instructor: I teach Architects, Engineers and Home Inspectors courses for their Professional licensing requirements.
  • Has worked with and for Federal, State, Local and Private organizations as well as numerous Architectural, Engineering and Legal firms plus many wonderful Private Individuals.
  • Inspected tens of thousands of buildings of every type as a Licensed Design Professional
  • Articulate, confident & comfortable speaker in Public, Colleges, Professional meetings or addressing Juries.
  • Published Author. (Forensic Architecture, An Introduction)



I am pleased to partner with Individuals, Lawyers, Courts, Legislators’ & Business Associations, Labor and Lobbying Groups, Insurance Companies, Licensed Construction Professionals, Commercial Building Owners and Homeowners on Criminal & Civil Cases to Analyze, Audit, Evaluate, Discover, Identify & Investigate facts that are assembled into unique Expert Witness reports. My systematic approach based upon experience in multiple States produces positive results for clients.


I understand first-hand as a Builder, Designer and Manager the Administrative, Physical, and Legal issues of Design and Construction Deductive Arguments. I am experienced, innovative, efficient and cost-effective.

I am a highly credentialed, College Level Teacher of:
• Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Systems.
• Chimney & Wood Heating Systems.
• Electrical Systems.
• Exterior Systems.
• Gas & Oil Furnace Systems.
• Hot Water Boiler Systems.
• Insulation Systems.
• Interior Systems.
• Plumbing Systems.
• Roofing Systems.
• Steam, Electric and Wall/Floor Heating Systems.
• Communication & Professional Practice (Ethics).

I understand first-hand the administrative, physical, and legal issues of design and construction arguments. I am very experienced in the technical, hands-on details of the design and construction industries. I use this knowledge to audit my abilities and help you question and then understand the sometimes murky, amorphous, business problems along with the creative side of this business, called architecture.

My Expert Witness testimony (in Deposition or in Court) is based upon my written reports, which are thoroughly researched narrative with referenced exhibits. My reports are held to the highest legal standards, Federal Rule 26, (General Provisions Governing Discovery; Duty of Disclosure). My work as an Expert Witness will be accepted in any Court (State & Federal) in the future. This saves you time & money.

My reports reduce the indirect costs of time the lawyer typically spends educating experts, shepherding them through the report and deposition process, and defending any Daubert motions that may be leveled against them. My reports are clearly defined via a written contract.

I am a happily married, United States Army Veteran.

I am a Published Author. (Forensic Architecture, An Introduction)

Curriculum vitae

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