Forensic Expert Witness Profile


Ninya Lee Greek

ISA Accredited Member

Coronado Appraisals, LLC
5482 Complex St
Suite 115
San Diego, CA 92123

Phone: 619-929-6192


I am wholly qualified to offer judgments on Expert Witness procedures, because of my long and varied background within the Art Industry for 31years.  I now maintain three offices in San Diego County, for the past 10 years. Previous to that I practiced in Alaska Statewide, followed by Colorado and New Mexico plus the whole of the quad-state area and Northern Mexico for 21 years. Additionally, I pursued personal study in Italy, 2004, for Conservation and Restoration. I have established a particular emphasis on all Asian artists and collectibles, as well as my forever specialty on all American and European Artists of the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th,19th & 20th centuries.    We have completed, approximately seventeen cases per month for the last 11 years, large estate cases as well as single paintings.

Curriculum vitae

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  • Fine Arts Appraiser, 21 yrs & Restorer, 16 yrs
  • International Society of Appraisers. Accredited, 2008
  • Initially Accredited with American Society of Appraiser, 2004
  • Appraise Fine Arts, Collectibles, Antiques, Artifacts plus
  • Clean and Restore most Fine Art mediums
  • Insurance Agent for 19 Years, Largest Producer in 1989
  • Attended 4 University Art Schools, Beginning in High School
  • Studied Restoration on Oil Paintings in Florence, Italy
  • Owned 3 Galleries in Alaska, 15 years
  • Recognize Pre-Columbian and Authentic Native Art & Artifacts