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Professional Consulting

John D. O'Connor

O'Connor and Associates
201 Mission Street
Suite 710
San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone: 415-693-9960
Fax: 415-692-6537


  • Expert consultant in attorneys fee matters
  • Expert consultant in litigation management
  • Analysis of skill and efficiency of attorneys and firms
  • Over 40 years of litigation and billing experience
  • Experienced with government agencies such as FDIC, FLIC, RTC
  • Experienced with insurance litigation fee matters
  • Expert understanding of firm billing practices
  • Significant work regarding legal fee auditing
  • Served as a JAMS mediator and arbitrator
  • Member, National Association of Legal Fee Analysis



John O’Connor has over 40 years of experience in a wide variety of litigation matters, ranging from personal injury to civil rights and employment to complex business cases. A significant part of that experience is the trial of over 70 cases in both state and federal Courts throughout the country, and the preparation for and settlement of many more.

His law firm experience includes partnerships in small boutique firms, a substantial mid-sized firm, and larger nationally known firms, working for over 35 years in evaluating, litigating and resolving attorney fee issues. First as an Assistant United States Attorney, and later representing county and municipal governments, O’Connor has represented potential fee payors under “fee shifting” statutes.

As a private lawyer for federal government agencies during the 1980’s and 90’s, and as well working with a variety of insurers and self-insurers, O’Connor has worked with clients to develop and implement sophisticated billing guidelines, examine firm billings, assure compliance and rectify shortcomings.

Since the advent in the late 1980’s of adversarial legal auditing, O’Connor has served extensively as both an expert and litigator analyzing audit criticisms, applying community standards, and construing applicable case law. In this context, O’Connor has consulted on hundreds of adversarial legal fee disputes over three decades. He has as well served as JAMS mediator, a litigator representing both law firms and fee payors on fee issues, and an expert witness both through written Declaration and oral testimony.

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