Forensic Expert Witness Profile


David Crowe


Cellular Networking Perspectives, Ltd.
102 Point Drive, NW
Calgary T3B 5B3

Phone: 403-289-6609
Fax: 403-206-7717


  • Cellular communication systems (34 years)
  • Telecommunications standards (30 years)
  • Wireless core networks (34 years)
  • Numbering, identifier and addressing systems (25 years)
  • Software design and implementation (43 years)
  • Cellular smart cards (11 years)
  • 9-1-1 and Emergency Services (24 years)
  • Communications protocols (38 years)
  • Database design and implementation (34 years)
  • Forensic expert witness (15 years)



David Crowe has worked in the wireless industry almost since the beginning of time – 1984, a year after the first cellular system in the US. He was lead software designer on an early cellular switch, and went on to develop industry standards for core networks, emergency services, smart cards, security, location services, international roaming, numbering systems and more. He continues to make technical contributions, and has received several awards for his work.

David has consulted for leading telecom organizations including Alcatel, ATIS, AT&T Wireless, Compaq, CTIA, HP, Neustar, Qualcomm, Telcordia, Rural Cellular Association, Syniverse and TIA.

He cofounded in 1995, that coordinates numbering systems for CDMA and billing systems. He has written articles on technical topics for a range of trade magazines, as well as white papers for clients. He even published two of his own newsletters for about a decade.

As a software developer he has extensive experience with a wide range of programming languages, including C, AppleScript, Javascript and PHP. He has worked with database systems from SQL to FileMaker to Salesforce.

As an expert witness he has testified in a variety of environments, from District Court in Chicago to County Court in Maryland to Federal Court in Australia, working in cases covering patents, other intellectual property and business disputes. His writing and debating skills are a big advantage both for testifying, and for report writing.

David has advanced written and conversational skills in Italian and Spanish, and intermediate knowledge of written and spoken Mandarin.

Curriculum vitae

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