Forensic Expert Witness Profile


Fari Barzegar


Habitat Engineering & Forensics, Inc.
446 - 17th Street, Suite 300
Oakland, CA 94612

Phone: 510-891-0300
Fax: 510-891-0333


  • Expert consultant/witness in over 70 cases; testimony & trial experience
  • BS, MS, PhD, Civil/Structural Eng., Univ. of Illinois- Urbana
  • 30 years of experience: consulting/design, teaching/research
  • 43 publications; member of several professional/technical organizations
  • Licensed Professional Engineer (CA/TX) & General Building Contractor (CA)
  • Buildings/bridges/silos; defective concrete; components/materials
  • Construction defects/accidents; standard of care; water intrusion
  • Vibration, pile driving, blast/impact/wind/earthquake/flood damage
  • Building/bridge codes; OSHA standards; slip, trip & fall
  • Damage/failure investigations; patent infringement; errors/omissions



Dr. Barzegar is a licensed professional engineer (CA, TX) providing a broad range of services in civil/structural engineering and construction forensics to insurance companies and law firms, construction, energy, utilities, wineries, mining and technology industries, engineering and architectural firms, governmental and educational institutions, property owners and individuals. With over 30 years of experience in civil/structural engineering and forensic consulting, construction project management, university teaching and research, Dr. Barzegar has provided clients with structural analysis and design, condition assessment, damage investigations, failure analysis, construction consulting and management, and expert testimony.
Dr. Barzegar's experience includes buildings, bridges, concrete cooling towers, offshore steel platforms subjected to earthquakes and extreme winds; investigation of damage in industrial facilities, storage tanks, steel and concrete grain silos, shotcreted wine-storage caves, and underground water conduits; blast and failure in underground coal mines; explosion damage in a chemical plant; effect of demolition (conventional and/or using explosives), pile driving and new construction on adjacent structures; accidents, failures, unintended property damage and personal injuries during excavations, demolition and construction; investigation of damage claims in single and multi-family residential, commercial and historic buildings, excessive floor vibrations, cracking, settlement, wind, fire, and flooding damage; distress in foundations, retaining walls, slabs and pavements; evaluation of defective concrete/terrazzo/shotcrete and other construction materials; destructive and non-destructive testing; water intrusion damage; contract disputes; engineering design and construction errors & omissions; analysis of code compliance and OSHA reviews; investigation of personal injuries (slip-trip-fall), amongst other.