Forensic Expert Witness Profile


Brooks Hilliard


Business Automation Associates, Inc.
11811 N. Tatum Blvd., Suite 3031-113
Phoenix, AZ 85028

Phone: 602-264-9263
Fax: 602-532-7244


  • Expert witness: more than 100 engagements in 35 states
  • Specialty: software/system failure (business applications)
  • Testified 40+ times in court/arbitration/deposition for both vendors and users
  • Over 40 years of computer industry experience: technical, management & consulting
  • Education: MIT (SB in Engineering), Harvard Business School (MBA)
  • Management/IT consulting; professional speaking services
  • One of fewer than 15 consultants world-wide to have achieved both the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) & Certified Computing Professional (CCP) certifications



Brooks Hilliard is an experienced consultant, computer industry executive and software developer. In his international consulting practice, he has been engaged more than 200 times by clients seeking to select and implement new business computer systems (including hardware, software, networking, computer services, etc.) and/or needing assistance in dealing with major information and communications technology decisions.
* Systems and software non-performance, including computer systems and software defects (ERP, CRM, SCM, etc.), including systems implementation issues.
* Patent, trade secret and copyright (intellectual property) litigation related to business-oriented systems and software.
* Software licensing and systems contracting.
* Computer forensics (eDiscovery) and data tampering.
* Other information technology matters, including those relating to computer crime, regulation, governmental procurement, and tax issues.

Curriculum vitae

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