What Makes FEWA Different?

FEWA has the distinction of being the only expert witness association that requires verifiable qualifications and testimonies to be designated as a Member

FEWA stands alone with a combination of benefits for its members, by incorporating networking, education and referrals each as integral aspects of FEWA membership. As a result, the application process is thorough and comprehensive and Members are well-rounded, successful professionals.

Members of the Association have adopted and, as a consideration of membership, subscribe to the Code of Professional Ethics. By doing so, they give notice that they clearly recognize the vital need to preserve and encourage fair and equitable practices among all who are engaged in the practice of forensic consulting.

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Follow these tips to assist with expediting your membership application's approval:

  1. Submit your application via email to info@forensic.org with your credit card payment information included. FEWA staff access to hard copy files and materials sent to our office is currently limited and submitting your application via direct mail with a check may result in longer than normal processing times.
  2. Type your information using the fillable PDF application and save a copy to your computer. Hand-written applications may result in processing errors. 
  3. Three positive references are needed for membership approval, but provide up to five (5) references on your application to assist staff if some references are unresponsive. 
  4. In addition, try to provide references who will be more likely or able to respond in a timely fashion, and give them a heads-up that the FEWA team will be reaching out to them as part of the review process. 


Professional Membership

Open to forensic consultants in all disciplines who meet a minimum of 3 verifiable forensic engagements (testimonies and/or depositions)

Annual Dues: $425

Professional Consulting Membership

Open to forensic consultants in all disciplines who have completed a minimum of 5 verifiable redacted, signed engagement agreements indicating the applicant has been retained as a forensic consultant in their field.

Annual Dues: $425

Associate Membership

Open to those forensic consultants working toward Professional Member requirements

Annual Dues: $325

Affiliate Membership

Open to other professionals using or supporting forensic consultants

Annual Dues: $480


Our current membership includes experts from a diverse range of specialties, and we provide the tools and resources they need to become highly sought after expert witnesses. We have the people, knowledge, experience, and education to help you build your credibility and excel in the legal arena as an expert witness.


  • SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES whereby qualified FEWA members are invited to make presentations at meetings of other professional groups and prospective client organizations. In addition to improving their speaking skills, members have the opportunity of broadcasting their personalities and their qualifications in the legal and professional communities.
  • MEMBER DEVELOPMENT through networking with other members, participation in committee activities, and participation in other functions sponsored by the Association.


  • A VIRTUAL MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY listing members’ names and forensic specialties, which provides a marketing instrument for the organization and its members (www.forensic.org).
  • MCLE CONTINUING EDUCATION credit for the legal profession (and credit for CPAs coming soon).
  • ENHANCED RECOGNITION for members who earn their Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (CFLC) credential.

Professional Development 

  • PROGRAMS, WORKSHOPS, and a 2-DAY NATIONAL CONFERENCE designed for education, networking, and professional development of your practice.
  • LEARNING ON-DEMAND allowing members free access to FEWA's live Virtual Academy webinars as well as all archived webinar recordings to view on-demand.
  • A BI-WEEKLY NEWSLETTER notifying members of scheduled meetings, workshops, and other events important to their development in the field of forensic practice; reporting on past events which may be of interest to members and containing articles and other information of importance to members.

A Community At Your Fingertips

  • Community Benefit – FEWA is a community resource for all who seek qualified forensic services together with expertise in specialty fields. Members of FEWA are professionals as expert witnesses, with experience, training, and skill in their specific disciplines.