FEWA Announces Education Committee - Volunteer Today!

The Forensic Expert Witness Association is proud to announce the creation of the FEWA Education Committee. The Education Committee’s purpose is to ensure FEWA members receive relevant and engaging education opportunities so that they may move forward in a changing and competitive field. 

The Education Committee will develop and maintain effective education programs for FEWA. It will also support FEWA’s Vice President of Education, Ken Wheatley, in providing guidance and reviewing requirements and standards for programs of expert witness education. The Education Committee will work to identify and respond to the education needs of expert witnesses. 

FEWA Committees are a great way to get involved. As a member serving on the Education Committee, you have an opportunity to:

  • Engage with FEWA and have an impact on expert witness education programs
  • Provide direct input on FEWA’s education programming and education initiatives 
  • Build skills and expand your knowledge to support your professional growth
  • Meet and network with other members

With the creation of the FEWA Education Committee, FEWA’s goal is to increase and improve education opportunities for members. FEWA has recently added value for members by launching the widely successful FEWA Virtual Academy and Virtual Networking series. FEWA’s online programming options allow members and non-members to engage in learning opportunities regardless of time or location. 

The FEWA Education Committee will allow you to have an active role in addressing the professional development, ethical standards, and promotion of forensic consultants in all fields of discipline.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on the Education Committee, please contact the FEWA National Office at or at 415-369-9614. 

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