FEWA National Conference to Offer Dynamic Programming Geared towards Empowering Female Expert Witnesses

"Protecting the Expert Witness During Testimony and Deposition" at the 2018 FEWA National Conference.

Female Expert Witnesses can be viewed and treated differently than their male counterparts by judges, juries, attorneys, and paralegals. The FEWA National Conference will offer specialized programming for female expert witnesses, with a focus on being an effective expert and empowering male expert witness colleagues to work with them.

Hear what several accomplished female experts have experienced, plus practical tips for success in our male-dominated industry. For men in the audience, the #MeToo movement may make interactions with female experts, attorneys, judges and paralegals more confusing than ever. Hear practical tips for effective interactions with your female colleagues—and hopefully there will be a few laughs as well. This is your chance to ask the women anything!

Attendees at the 2018 FEWA National Conference. 

Join us at the 2019 FEWA National Conference for: 

Female Expert Witnesses: Being Effective if You Are One Empowering Men to Work with Them

Moderated by: Dr. Lisa Boesky, Suicide Prevention Expert

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