New Member Spotlight - Bret Russell

Bret Russell is a new member of FEWA's Orange County Chapter

Bret Russell has over 40 years of experience in Fire, EMS and Emergency Management, with specialties in Fire Origin and Cause Investigation.

In the fire forensic sciences area, Bret is a research and testifying expert. His clients include fire departments, public defenders, private legal firms, insurance companies and is experienced in both plaintiff and defense cases. He is experienced as a court appointed expert. Bret has designed and led workshops and classes in fire investigation, examination of fire reports, interpretation of data, witness testimony, root cause and causation analysis, presentation of case reviews, research and develop, alternate theories and trial preparation.

Bret has been assigned as a Fire Department Training Officer and has obtained a Certified California State Fire Training Officer/Fire Instructor level I, II & III, and is a Certified California State Fire Training Instructor for fire investigation.

Bret also holds a California State Professional Teaching Credential and has over 30 years teaching experience, teaching for fire departments, public schools, colleges, private companies, as well as the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, the Department of Home Land Security, Firefighters Crossing Boarders and the International Firefighters Training Association.

To learn more about Bret, visit his FEWA Profile! Please join us in welcoming Bret to FEWA! 

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