New Member Spotlight - Cassie Oates

Cassie Oates is a new member of FEWA's Los Angeles Chapter.

Cassie Oates is a subcontractor consultant for expert witnesses nationwide. She has 20 years of experience as a small business owner and frontline administrator working in fields as varied as hospitality, accounting, and video game development. That experience gives Ms. Oates insight into the way people learn and respond to change in their environment. She collaborates well with even the most challenging expert personalities.

As a forensic consultant, Ms. Oates is the expert witness’s ‘best friend’. She aids expert witnesses, each of whom she works on a case-by-case basis, by reviewing documents and depositions, interviewing fact witnesses, and assisting to draft expert reports. Her specialty is in finding “hidden” documents and e-mails which help to build and support the expert report and the legal case map. Since 2014, she has worked on mediations, arbitrations, and jury and bench trials – with experience prepping her experts for both deposition and trial testimony.

While the current focus of her work is large scale software failure and cybersecurity, Ms. Oates’s ability to turn technical language into a more approachable form for the finders of fact lends itself to many technical areas within the expert witness field.

To learn more about Cassie, visit her FEWA Profile! Please join us in welcoming Cassie to FEWA!

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