Professional Association Membership is More Valuable Than Ever

The events of the past year or so have probably made most of us realize how good we had it before the unthinkable, to most of us, occurred. Just over a year or so ago, innovation was thriving, and technologies were advancing, globalization was making the world feel smaller, businesses and economies were booming, and we were eager to travel and gather as professionals, businesspeople, fans, friends, groups, and interact for education, advancement, enjoyment, worship, networking, and just plain fun. Then, our seemingly solid footing shifted, as the world shook, and we found ourselves amid a pandemic and associated global lockdowns, restrictions, social isolation, distance and unrest, racial and political uncertainty, depression, fear, the inability to do our jobs, and crafts as before, and disbelief that imposed dramatic pressures on us that most of us never imagined.  It is hoped that now, a better time is arriving, as we feel the easing of some of our worst worries, with vaccinations, outdoor group activities, the unmasking of our faces, and the ability to congregate & travel a bit more again; many things will go back toward what we remember as normal, and some things may stay changed.  Our fond memories and those new changes will make our membership in professional associations more valuable than ever.

Getting Back Up to Speed – and Keeping the Pace   

Maybe you have amazing skills or are lucky enough to have maintained your focus & efficiency through the distractions of working in isolation, perhaps in a foreign space at home, with the family and the pets; interacting virtually, communicating and corresponding electronically online; with public buildings & institutions unavailable for business as usual; work sites restricted and cut-back.  I know I was not as focused and efficient due to those rapid changes.
Yet while I plodded along like the astronaut in a new foreign space, the markets where I operated were pent-up by those same restrictions and are now breaking loose and expecting professionals and businesses to respond with state-of-the-science and art, new technologies, efficient and competitive business practices, creativity, knowledge of new materials, methods, laws and regulations, environmentally sustainable best practices, and disaster preventing recommendations. Professional societies and associations are primary resources where those differentiating practices are shared, considered, discussed, vetted and many times adopted. Those active in professional associations will gain and maintain the edge, embrace changes and flourish, while those who do not may struggle for relevance.    

Professional associations offer conferences, webinars, publications, live chats, meetings - both in-person and virtually, networking events, certifications, and continuing education resources, etc., so members can maintain access and stay on top of the rapidly changing work environment.

Please contact me with any questions.

Joseph A. Quilici, P.E., S.E., CFLC
Civil, Structural, Forensic Engineer
Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant
Direct Line: 408-583-0323 extension 3

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