Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (CFLC) Credential Overview

The Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA) established the Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (CFLC) credential in 2014 for qualified expert witnesses and forensic consultants. The CFLC is granted exclusively to FEWA Professional and Professional Consulting members who have met the eligibility criteria established requiring significant participation in FEWA activities and completion of education courses in the subjects of forensic analysis, litigation consulting and expert witnessing. 


Apply for the CFLC Credential 

To expedite processing, submit your application via email to info@forensic.org with your credit card payment information included. FEWA staff access to hard copy files and materials sent to our office is currently limited and submitting your application via direct mail with a check may result in longer than normal processing times.

Master Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (MCFLC)

The Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA) established the Master Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (MCFLC) credential in 2020 for qualified expert witnesses and forensic consultants who want to take their CFLC certification to the next level. Obtaining the MCFLC  credential shows attorneys and other interested parties that you have received extensive education in the nine distinct areas of the FEWA Core Program, as well as gained additional experience and attributes above and beyond the CFLC program.

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Benefits of Becoming a CFLC

  • Promotes a greater level of confidence for clients and employers
  • Enhances the credential holder's industry recognition as an educated and committed forensic consultant
  • Demonstrates the credential holder's passion and commitment for improvement in forensic consulting
  • Increases opportunities for leads, referrals, and assignments

CFLC Qualification Requirements

CFLC candidates must complete all of the following CFLC Certification requirements:

  • Professional member of FEWA with membership in good standing;
  • Meet the minimum required number of Participation and Coursework Points
    • 30 Participation Points
    • 30 Coursework Points
  • Submit a completed application to the candidate's current chapter president or a current National Board member for review and confirmation of participation;
  • Take and Pass CFLC Exam
  • Maintain professional licenses in good standing for those licensed services for which the member is currently performing and must be licensed to perform.


More Questions — Contact Us!

Contact the FEWA National Office for additional information at info@forensic.org or 312.981.6780. 

Testimonials From Your Peers

“Having this certification has allowed me to differentiate from other experts. My certification demonstrates my education and experience with report writing and oral testimony. I constantly use the skills and training I have learned through FEWA to refine my cross examination skills and better present evidence.  Maintaining my credential forces me to stay abreast of developments in a cutting edge and evolving profession."

~ Adam, CFLC — Member of the Orange County Chapter since 2010

"Attorneys often need to find a highly qualified expert from a large pool of candidates on very short notice. The CFLC designation allows me to display my experience and professionalism even before they look at my curriculum vitae."

~ John, CFLC — Member of the Houston Chapter since 2010

"Certification is a unique addition to FEWA's role in the expert witness community. Acknowledged formal training will lead to additional client and attorney confidence in expert selection."

~ Bob James, CFLC — Member of the Houston Chapter since 2008